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Acryl/Bis solution (29: 1) Premix powder

Acryl/Bis solution (29: 1) Premix powder
CAT.#: A0004
Hãng: Biobasic INC
Chai (Gói): 200G /Pha Thành 500ml

Giá bán: Liên hệ

Product Description:Acryl/Bis solution (29: 1) Premix powder: SDS-PAGE (Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate PolyAcrylamide Gel Electrophoresis) is commonly used electrophoretic techniques for separating proteins. There are two major PAGE method, Glycine-SDS-PAGE1 (also know as Laemmli-SDS-PAGE) and Tricine-SDS-PAGE2, based on glycine-Tris and Tricine-Tris buffer systems, respectively.
Total Product Size:200g
Individual Container Size:200g
Number of Containers:1
Shipping Conditions:RT
UNSPSC Code:41105319
UNSPSC Category:Acrylamide
Hazard Class:Class 6.1
Hazard UN:UN274