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Serological Pipet

Serological Pipet

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The Difference Is Crystal Clear!

There Is No Comparison. Wobble-not is Superior in Ergonomics and Performance compared to other standard Serological Pipets.

See the Difference

Traditional serological pipets have a straight cylindrical shape vs. the Wobble-not, which has a two-tiered step design which helps to decrease insertion force, while increasing pipet stability in your controller.

Feel the Difference

You will feel better, and work smarter. No more jamming your serological pipet into your pipette controller. Achieve maximum stability (no wobble) and less dripping with our newest revolutionary design to benefit your health and wellness, as well as your research applications.

Wobble-not = The First Ever Ergonomic Serological!

With standard serological pipets, there has never been a difference in the plug end design. All require high insertion force (jamming) in an attempt to get the top as high up in the pipet controller nozzle as possible. You do this to try to get as much stability as possible otherwise, you risk dripping of the liquid you pipette. No matter how hard you jam, there is wobble.

Ergonomics and Performance in a never-seen-before design

Wobble-not serological pipets are a revolutionary, new design and the only serological pipets that will give you two zones of contact with relatively low insertion force. No jamming! And furthermore, this results in maximum stability for your pipetting. No other serological pipet comes close to achieving the same amount of Wobble-not!

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Serological Pipet

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