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Eijkelamp - Netherlands soil sampling kit, durable material, precision engineering standards ensure the results.

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ring for soil samples
Company: Eijkelkamp - Netherlands
Origin: Netherlands

Cat. No: 0753SC

• Soil samples (soft, medium or hard) can be sampled for teaching and research purposes

• Particularly suitable for geological engineering studies, determination of pF, water / gas permeability, density ...

• The sample size is 53 (standard), at max depth. 2m, can be surface or deep

• Can be hammered, sampled for different soil types with different hardness

• Stainless steel ring, protected by ring holder

• Valve system can be cleaned easily

Handle, short, 10 cm, with beating head, c.sc.

Dụng cụ khoan Edelman, bottom part, comb.type, c.sc., Ø 7 cm

Dụng cụ khoan Riverside, bottom part, c.sc., Ø 7 cm

Closed ring holder, bottom part, for rings Ø 53×50 mm, incl. spare parts, c.sc.

Spare cutting shoe for closed ring holder, Ø 53 mm

Hammering head for rings, Ø 53×50 mm

Guide cylinder for rings, Ø 53×50 mm

Steel hammer with nylon heads, Ø 70 mm, 2 kg, impact absorbing design

Extension rod, 50 cm, c.sc.

Aluminium case with 24 soil sample rings, Ø 53×50 mm, height 51 mm, contents 100 cc max. deviation less than 0.5 %, incl. 48 plastic covers Ø 53 mm (rings numbered 1 to 24)

Bent spatula, breadth 20 mm

Spanner 20×22 mm 2

Cylindrical brush, Ø 65 mm

Field data registration set

Carrying bag for field equipment with handgrip, Ø20×77 cm

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