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SensiMix™ II Probe Kit (qPCR Master Mix)

SensiMix™ II Probe Kit (qPCR Master Mix)

Cat No.                           Size

BIO-83005                       500 Reactions

BIO-83020                       2000 Reactions

Features & Benefits

Superior PCR efficiency - with sequence specific probes

Higher specificity - perfect for low copy number samples

Simple and reproducible - ideal for multiplexing and gene expression analysis

Flexible - compatibility with all real-time PCR instruments


Instrument Compatibility

The SensiMix II Probe Kit can be used on all real-time PCR instruments.



The SensiMix™ II Probe Kit is a high-performance reagent designed for greater sensitivity and specificity. The kit has been formulated for use with probe-detection technology, including hydrolysis probes (e.g. TaqMan®), displacement probes (e.g. Molecular Beacons, Scorpion®) and hybridization probes (e.g. FRET), delivering superior performance in gene expression analysis (Fig. 1) and multiplexing (Fig. 2).

SensiMix II Probe Kit employs a hot-start DNA polymerase for high PCR specificity and sensitivity. SensiMix possesses no polymerase activity during reaction set-up, thereby greatly reducing non-specific amplification, including primer-dimer formation, after pre-heating SensiMix becomes fully activated and in conjunction with specially optimized buffer chemistry, generates reliable and highly reproducible data on all real-time PCR instruments.

For expression analysis, SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit is the perfect partner for SensiMix II Probe Kit for very high-quality first strand cDNA synthesis and real-time results.

For ease-of-use, SensiMix II Probe is provided as a 2x mastermix containing all the components necessary for real-time PCR, including dNTPs and stabilizers.



SensiMix is a trademark of Bioline Reagents Ltd.

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SensiMix™ II Probe Kit (qPCR Master Mix)

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