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SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit

SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit

Cat No.                         Size

BIO-76001                     100 x 20µl Reactions

BIO-76005                     500 x 20µl Reactions

Features & Benefits

Accurate Quantification - perfect for calculating relative gene expression from RNA samples

Ultra-Sensitive - unique buffer chemistry gives superior sensitivity of low copy targets

Rapid - optimized proprietary enyzme and buffer chemistry for fast cycling

Flexible - compatible with all standard and fast cycling instruments


Instrument Compatibility

Roche LightCycler® 480 platform, LightCycler® Nano, Bio-Rad Opticon™, Opticon™2, Chromo4™, MiniOpticon™, CFX96™, CFX384™, iCycler®, MyiQ™, iQ™5, Cepheid SmartCycler®, Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ 3000,Rotor-Gene™ 6000, Rotor-Gene™Q, Eppendorf Mastercycler® ep realplex and Techne Quantica®, Illumina Eco™, Analytik Jena qTOWER 2, Techne Quantca®, PrimeQ. (See product selection table).



SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit has been optimized for fast mode on fast real-time RT-PCR instruments and fast cycling conditions on standard real-time PCR instruments.

The kit is designed for superior sensitivity and specificity with probe-detection technology, including TaqMan®, Scorpions®and molecular beacon probes. The SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit is formulated for highly reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent real-time PCR in a single tube. The antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system reduces the chances of primer/dimers formation, allowing a much greater dynamic range by removing competition for reaction components during amplification, leading to greater sensitivity (Fig. 1).

The advanced buffer chemistry and enhancers also gives SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step unbeatable efficiency in multiplexing (Fig. 2). SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit consists of 2x SensiFAST Probe One-Step mix, separate reverse transcriptase and RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor.

SensiFAST Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit is used with real-time PCR instruments that do not require a passive reference.

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SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX One-Step Kit

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