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RNA Extraction Control 670

RNA Extraction Control 670

Cat No.                                Size

BIO-38040                            100 Reactions

BIO-38041                            500 Reactions

RNA Extraction Control enables users of diagnostic assays to validate their extraction step. RNA Extraction Control contains a known concentration of artificial cells possessing the control RNA sequence. Cells containing internal control RNA are “spiked” into the lysis buffer with the sample prior to RNA extraction.

Following extraction the reaction mix is added to the extracted RNA prior to reverse transcription and amplification. Presence of internal control RNA confirms the success of the extraction step and reduces the chance of obtaining a false negative result in the sample RNA.

Features & Benefits

Simple - easy monitoring and validation of RNA extraction protocols

Specific - minimal interference with sample detection

Optimized - ideal for blood, urine and sputum samples

Sensitive - specially designed for real-time PCR assays


Instrument Compatibility

RNA Extraction Control is suitable for use with commercially available silica-membrane RNA extraction kits and CHELEX matrices and has been tested on a wide range of real-time PCR platforms including ABI-7500, LightCycler 480®, RotorGene-Q™ and MX3005P®.

RNA Extraction Control 670 uses Quasar® 670 and is also available with Cal Fluor® Orange 560 or Cal Fluor® Red 610, to fit in with existing protocols. CAL Fluor and Quasar dyes are performance-optimized fluorophores for multiplex real-time PCR.

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RNA Extraction Control 670

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