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MyTaq™ Red Mix

MyTaq™ Red Mix

Cat No.                       Size

BIO-25043                   200 x 50µl Reactions

BIO-25044                   1000 x 50µl Reactions

Features & Benefits

New generation polymerase- for superior performance

Novel buffer system - optimized and including dNTPs and MgCl2

Robust - high-yield across a wide range of templates

Red dye - for direct gel loading

Convenient - all-in-one mastermix



High-throughput PCR

Specific amplification of complex templates

Robust amplification of GC-rich sequences

Colony PCR

Routine PCR applications

TA cloning



MyTaq™ Red Mix is a ready-to-use 2x mix for fast, highly-specific PCR. The advanced formulation of MyTaq Red Mix exhibits more robust amplification than other commonly used polymerases, delivering very high yield over a wide range of PCR templates (fig. 1) and also at significantly faster PCR reaction times (fig. 2) without compromising PCR specificity or yield. These features makes MyTaq Red Mix the ideal choice for most routine assays. 

MyTaq Red Mix contains all the necessary reagents required for trouble-free PCR set up, including MyTaq buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, enhancers and stabilizers. 

MyTaq Red Mix is supplied in a convenient all-in-one-tube format and only requires the addition of template, primers and water, thereby reducing the number of pipetting steps and facilitating increased efficiency, throughput and reproducibility. 

The specially designed MyTaq Red formulation does not interfere with the PCR reaction and allows users to load samples directly onto a gel after the PCR without the need to add loading buffer. The red dye migrates like a 350bp fragment on a 2% agarose TAE gel (or 600bp on a 1% agarose).

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MyTaq™ Red Mix

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