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MyTaq™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit

MyTaq™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit

Cat No.            Size
BIO-65048       25 Reactions
BIO-65049       100 Reactions

The MyTaq™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit has been formulated for highly reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent PCR in a single tube.

A combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry, together with a reverse transcriptase and hot-start DNA polymerase system, ensure that MyTaq One-Step RT-PCR Kit produces fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive one-step RT-PCR, from either total RNA or mRNA using gene-specific primers.

Features & Benefits

Extremely sensitive - blend of RT and novel MyTaq HS

Highly optimized - for detection of low-copy genes

Superior performance - overcomes secondary structure in difficult and GC-rich targets

High-quality - full-length cDNA from as little as 3pg total RNA

Simple to use - all-in-one mix for highly-specific and ultrasensitive products for use in downstream applications


Gene-expression analysis

Transcription analysis

Gene cloning

Multiplex RT-PCR

Customer Testimonials

"When we compared the performance of our routine supplier’s RTase against Bioline’s MyTaq One-Step RT-PCR, the other supplier’s RTase gave two false negatives in five different grapevine samples tested for Grapevine rupestris stem-pitting-associated Foveavirus. We were convinced to immediately switch."
University of Adelaide, Australia

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MyTaq™ One-Step RT-PCR Kit

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