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MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit

MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit

Cat No.            Size
BIO-21126       100 Reactions
BIO-21127       500 Reactions

MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit provides quick and easy extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissue types. The MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit maximizes sensitivity while simultaneously minimizing contamination risks to deliver greater experiment success rates.

Features & Benefits

Rapid extraction protocol - high-yield, PCR-ready DNA in 15 minutes

Easy-to-use - eliminates complicated DNA extraction procedures

Convenient format - single-tube extraction minimizes contamination risks

Proven performance - powered by MyTaq™ HS for fast and highly-specific amplification


Ideal for high-throughput genotyping from mammalian tissues

Detection of transgenes

Knockout analysis

Customer Testimonials

"When compared with three other DNA extraction/PCR kits or methods, I found that the MyTaq Extract-PCR kit yielded the highest quality DNA; it was faster and easier to use, much more efficient and reliable."
Vascular Immunology Unit, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia

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MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit

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