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BioMix™ Red ( PCR Master Red Mix )

BioMix™ Red ( PCR Master Red Mix )

Cat No. BIO-25006

Size: 500 x 50µl Reactions

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient format - pre-mixed, pre-optimized 2x solutions
  • Versatile - suitable for routine PCR applications
  • Ready-to-use - reduces contamination risks
  • Suitable for TA cloning - leaves 'A' overhang
  • Direct gel loading - eliminates the need for further processing following reaction completion



  • Routine PCR applications
  • TA cloning
  • High throughput



BioMix™ Red is a complete ready-to-use 2x reaction mix containing a stable Taq DNA polymerase. It contains an additional inert red dye that permits easy visualization and direct loading onto a gel. There is no need to add loading buffer as the mix is of sufficiently high density to sink to the bottom of the gel. The red dye migrates like a 350bp fragment on a 2% agarose TAE gel (or 600bp on a 1% agarose).

BioMix Red has been developed to perform PCR assays of many common genomic and cDNA templates; the user has simply to add water, template and primers. It reduces the time required to set-up reactions, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination. Reproducibility is ensured by reducing the number of pipetting steps that can lead to errors.

BioMix Red is supplied with additional MgCl2 solution should any fine adjustments be required.


BioMix is a trademark of Bioline.



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BioMix™ Red ( PCR Master Red Mix )

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